Kensal Park Soccer Club will observe the FIFA Rules

Rules and Regulations:

1. Registration:

All players must be registered with Kensal Park Soccer Club (KPSC)

2. Game Expectations:

a) A Fun First Attitude!!

b) Fair and equal playing time for all players

c) Opportunity to try all positions

3. League Structure:

Team Captains will have the following responsibilities:

a) Attend scheduled meetings deemed by the Director

b) Be the liaison between the team and the league executive

c) Be responsible for all the equipment to the team which belongs to the league.

d) Team captain has the authority to pull a teammate off the pitch for abusive or aggressive behaviour.

e) Submit game results within 24hrs of game via the App on the website


4. Team Requirements:

A team will carry maximum of twenty four (24) players. Teams having less than 24 at the beginning of the season may add players at any time provided they register with KPSC and pay full registration fees before playing.

The league reserves the right to add players to any team to achieve the maximum number of 24.

A team consists of 11 players on the field (including the goalkeeper)

A team must have a minimum of seven (7) players including the goalie to play, otherwise the match is forfeited.

5. Player Eligibility:

All players must be registered with the league and listed on the team's roster sheet with ID photo.

If a player is found to be ineligible, any points gained from the match will be awarded to the opposing team.

Any team found playing with an ineligible player will be fined $100.


6. League Scheduling and Game Results:

There shall be games scheduled on Victoria Day, August Civic Holiday, or Labour Day weekends.

Cancelled games due to the weather, will not be rescheduled. If the game was played 2/3 of regulation time(60 minutes), it is reported as a completed game. Otherwise, it will be reported as a tied game.

All teams in the standings at the end of the August, will play in the play-offs in 2nd week of September and the play-off format will be decided in order to accommodate the number of teams of the league.

Game results determine the following: Win: 2 Pt's, Tie: 1 pt and Loss: 0 Pt's.

Maximum goal differential of 5 will count on score card.

Results must be reported via the App within 48 hours of the game.

In the event of tie game during the play-offs, the game will be decided by penalty kicks per FIFA rules.


7. Schedule:

The season will commence May 5 for the Friday League and
May 7 for the Sunday League depending on field conditions.

8. Protests and Disputes/Appeals:

All protests and disputes under the jurisdiction of the Kensal Park Soccer Club shall be dealt with by the League Executive and shall be heard within two (2) weeks of its receipt by the league.

All protests must be submitted in writing AND hand delivered to the League Director within 72 hours of incident. It must also be accompanied by a fee of fifty (50) dollars. Such protest fee shall be in the form of a certified cheque or money order.

The protest fee will be refunded in cases where the protest is upheld

9. Uniforms/Equipment:

All players must wear the uniform provided by the League consisting of a jersey, shorts, and socks.
Jerseys are recommended to be tucked in.

Due to cold weather wearing a long sleeve shirt under your soccer jersey is permitted. However, it must be either black or white. NO other colours permitted. Gloves are also permitted.

All jewellery, including rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings, other piercings, bobby pins and hair barrettes must be removed before the match begins – Taping of jewellery is NOT permitted.

Medical bracelets are specifically permitted, and should be covered with clear tape.

All knee braces or casts must be approved by the referee and free of exposed plastic or metal. It is the discretion of the referee as to whether a player plays or not based on the above situations.

Players wearing Cast;
Law 4 states that a player may NOT use equipment that is dangerous to herself of another player. This is further expanded upon in the Interpretations of the Laws of the Game whereby it is advised that players MAY use equipment that has the sole purpose of protection the individual physically providing that it poses no danger to the individual or any other player.
Modern protective equipment made of soft, lightweight, padded materials are not considered dangerous and are therefore permitted as long as the cast dose not present a danger to the individual or any other player.

Referee will make the final decision as to the acceptability of any cast.

Hard plaster casts are considered to pose a danger to both the wearer and other players and are NOT permitted to be worn. Padding a hard plaster cast does not reduce the element of danger.

Players wearing eye glasses:
We strongly recommend that you wear sport safety goggles over your glasses.

However, if a player decides to wear regular prescription glasses, the frame of glasses and lenses must be plastic and the arms of the frame must be covered and strapped with a sports strap.

All players must wear shin-pads and approved soccer cleats. (No rugby cleats allowed)

The Players are to be inspected before the game begins and substitutes before they enter the field of play.

If a player is discovered to be wearing unauthorized equipment or jewellery during play, the referee shall:

  • Inform the player that the item in question must be removed
  • Order the player to leave the field at the next stoppage if he/she is unable to or unwilling to comply
  • Caution the player having been told to remove the item and will be recorded.

If play is stopped to caution the player, an indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team from the position of the ball when play was stopped.

10. Game Duration and Ball Size:

Each game will consist of two (2) halves of 45 minutes with a size 5 ball, and with a (15) minute break if needed during the half-time interval.

A game must have reached the three (3) quarter mark to be final. If rained out or stopped prior to the three-quarter time (determined by the referee) the game shall not be deemed complete and the result not recorded. Any team being judged to have caused a game to be abandoned shall be dealt with by the League Executive of Kensal Park Soccer Club.



11. Substitutes:

Substitutes are permitted when: a goal is scored, at a goal kick, half-time, and when an injury occurs at the referee's discretion.

All teams can substitute on their own throw-ins.
The opposing teams can also call for a substitution when the initial substitution is requested


12. Discipline:

Discipline comes under the jurisdiction of the Kensal Park Soccer Club Discipline Committee.
Please refer “Penalties for Misconduct”.

  1. Red Card.
    A player who receives a red card in a game is immediately suspended and the team will play with 10 players for the remainder of the game. The player will be suspended the following scheduled game and subject to disciplinary action by the league if it deems necessary.
    For a player who receives two (2) yellow cards in a game it is same as receiving
    a red card in a game.

All Cards are recorded with the league.

13. Team Sheets/Score:

One Game sheet is to be downloaded from http://webreferee.net/Leagues/login.asp.

Fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the match, a completed team sheet from each team must be given to the referee, who shall give each team the completed copy of their team sheet at the end of the game.

Any dispute regarding a player’s eligibility must be reported to the referee. The referee will make reference to the dispute on the copy of the game sheet that is returned to the League.

Only those players listed on the game sheet may participate in the match.

All Team Reps shall have an official roster of all players on their teams which consists of (24) players maximum.

If a player is not on the official roster sheet when the opposing Team Rep decides to check players, then the team may protest the match and if the team has been found to have an ineligible player(s) the team will lose the match and dealt with accordingly with the League Executive. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to have their official roster sheet page at every match, in case the opposing team decides to check players etc. If the Team Captain does not have their official roster sheet page, the opposing team may protest the match before it begins and must be mentioned to the referee, so that the match will be played under protest.

If for some reason an official KPSC game sheet is not submitted to the referee before the start of the game the team will be fined $50 for improper game sheet.

14. Grounds/Nets:

All games will be played in the London area and fields will be T.B.A. on the web-site of Kensal Park Soccer Club. Each team is required to set one net for the game as provided by the League and be set up (15)minutes prior to game time where they need to be.

While the game is played, substitute players/coaches must remain one (1) metre from the touch line.

15. Defaults:

Grace period of (15) minutes will be given to teams to show up for a scheduled game. If one or both teams don't show up, both will be in default and will be dealt with by the League Executive and fined fifty ($50.00) for their no show for that particular match.

A default game by any team shall automatically be deemed to have lost that game by a score of 1-0.

A team(s) found guilty of causing a game to be abandoned shall be dealt with the League Executive of Kensal Park Soccer Club and fined for their actions.

15a) Lightning: In the case of lightning, the safety of players, referees and spectators is our main priority. Kensal Park Soccer Club will be abiding by the 30/30 Rule when thunder/lightning is present.

30/30 RULE: When you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is thirty (30) seconds or less, seek proper shelter. Wait thirty (30) minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving the shelter. If you cannot see the lightning, just hearing the thunder is a good back up rule.

Team captains must advise KPSC if they are unable to field a team ASAP in order that the referee and opposing team can be informed that the game has been cancelled. If a team knows in advance and provides 48 hours notice to KPSC that they will not have enough players to field a team (minimum 7), then the $50 default fine will be waived.


16. Referees:

Referees in all games shall be appointed by the Club. If no suitable referee is available to referee the match, the game has to be postponed and re-scheduled on an open day depending on the field’s availability, except if both Team Reps from both teams agree and sign the game sheet indicating their consent, some other person may referee the match. Teams, who agree on some person other than the assigned referee to handle games where necessary, will not be allowed to protest against such a person.

Referees shall be suitable attired: Referee shirt, shorts, socks and decent shoes and all other referee ingredients needed for the match.

Any action detrimental to the game shall be reported by the referee in writing and sent along with the team sheet, including a report on any red or yellow cards given.

Please remember that all decisions made by the referee on the field of play are final!


17. Serious Misconduct:

Slide/Slide tackling is not permitted. Slide tackling includes any player, including the goalie, who leaves the ground in a foot or feet-forward motion, in an attempt to relieve a player of the ball. The goalie may dive head-forward to make a save but may not dive feet-forward.

No slide/slide tackling during the game. Stay on your feet! At the discretion of the referee, a free kick, a yellow card or a red card can be awarded depending on the severity of the sliding/slide tackling.

Other cardable offences at the referee’s discretion:

a) Profanity on the field or sidelines of teams.

b) Dangerous and overly aggressive play, elbowing, head butting and spitting.

c) Yelling, bullying or intimidating teammates or opponents.

d) If a slide/slide tackling happens inside the penalty box a penalty kick will be awarded.

Any games that are not completed due to an occurrence of any type of misconduct, such as spectator problems, violent conduct, fights, or teams leaving the field without the referee's permission, will be dealt with the Kensal Park Soccer Club and will be reported to the Club by the referee.


December 2017